Each dish is for sharing for two people. The dishes are small, some bigger than others,

and we recommend at least 3-5 different dishes for a meal.

We have alternatives for vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans and people with allergies.

Cassava snack  50,-

Fried cassava with spruce shoots. including Anholt Gin 2 cl. 170,- (2 persons)

Bread & butter  55,-

Olive bread with whipped sage butter

Breaded eggplant  60,-

Breaded eggplant with honey

Smoked burrata  98,-

With anchovies and pickled green tomatoes

"Småfavoritterne"  198,-

Mixed plate with breaded eggplant, pure of potato/jerusalem artichoke, baked garlic, smoked burrata

Cap Verde salad   85,-

Crisp lettuce with papaya and mint dressing

Banh Bao   95.-

Steamed and fried bun with 'nduya, kale and soya

Fish taco   115,-

With smoked cod, vegetables and lime dressing

Ravioli   120,-

With lamb stuffing and coriander and mint pesto

Meatballs   125,-

Bolognese, fettucine, parmesan

Cacio e pepe   115,-

Pasta with pepper, parmesan and pecorino cheese

Cachupa Rica   215,-

A stew from Cap Verde with Norwegian lobster and chorizo

Cachupa Pobre   155,-

A stew from Cap Verde with sweet potatoes and fried cale

Tiramisu   98,-

Ladyfingers, rum, mascarpone, coffee

Tarte Citron   98,-

Lemon pie

Cheese  98,-

Two types of cheese with crisp and rhubarb